Their words not ours, some happy customers.

Silvia L.

They moved to 11811 Santa Monica Blvd at Westgate (get in their lot from the back street). Said it's because the 11th St place landlord changed hands. Phone number I have for them is (310) 458-3110. I went there and Ken's daughter was really nice and got some mechanics to look into my coolant issue to see if I should come back sooner or later, because there were two cars in front of me. Turns out the coolant is only slightly low, thus triggering the warning, so they topped it off for me for free and I didn't have to leave my car. Super nice, right? Lifesavers for a busy working mom like me. I will continue to go to them for service coz they are so reliable and chillax and not overly priced!!!

Amanda B.

When my headlight went out, I swung by the dealer over on Santa Monica to see what they could do... told me it would be $150, take a full day to do, and that they couldn't take me until later in the week. Swung by here right after - they did it on the spot - 10 minutes and $15 later, I was back in business. Thanks for the great service! I'll be back!

Savoir F.

Westside Mercedes offers the highest quality service and attention to detail.

After going to dealers and getting less than good and complete work, the run around, and spending alot of money, I was recommended to see Ken at Westside Mercedes.  That was ten years ago and I've never looked back. I've been coming here with two different Mercedes and I couldn't be happier.  The work is top notch and the prices are good.  Ken and crew are very nice people too.

A few years ago Ken sold my first Mercedes for me within 5 days!  Later, I also bought a pre-owned Mercedes from Westside, which I love driving, have regularly serviced at here.  I highly recommend Westside.

Michael M.

I've always had extremely fair and reasonable work done by Ken and the crew here.  I've also bought 2 vehicles from them as they sometimes sell vehicles for customers whom they've worked on their cars over the years.   This means that they have all the records, are familiar with the vehicles, and especially the quirky drivers of them.  I love going here and will always use them for my car needs as long as I'm in LA.

Lauren M.

I brought my 2016 Range Rover here for an oil change. The dealer was going to charge $583. Ken did the same job with personal service for less than 1/3 of that! I waited while they worked on it - a nice n clean and new Starbucks is right across the street. His mechanics were friendly too! Ken was an expert about my car even though it's the first 2016 evoque to be brought in to him because normally new car owners get the first oil change free and won't need work for 30,000 miles. Since I bought my car out of state I'm stuck paying for my first few services. Ken didn't stick it to me like Hornburg wanted to. He explained things to me that I wouldn't have known to ask. Five stars all the way around. And the location - oh yes just a few blocks from home.

Paul A.

I have used Ken and his team for several years for service on my BMW and Jeep.  He takes great care in his work, and he stands behind what he does, no excuses.  It is nice to have a perfectionist as a mechanic.

Of course, Ken always has time for a joke or a discussion about world affairs too!